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Vibe Of The Quarter: 2020 Q4

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The last 12 months have consisted of rich musical content we’ve all been fortunate enough to indulge in. We’ve spent the year curating and pushing out valuable content, but we also spent time making sure we included you in everything we do! Every Monday for the last year, we’ve asked you to submit the songs you’re vibing with on our Instagram #VibeOfTheWeek story and we’ve since then created 10s of playlists for you, curated by YOU!

As we draw closer to the end of 2020, we’ve reviewed all of our favourite weekly #VibeOfTheWeek submissions over the last quarter of the year and have put together a tracklist worthy enough to transition you into the New Year with the best vibes…

1. Amaka Queenette’s “Suffocate”

Be greeted by echoes of luscious harmonies as Amaka Queenette confesses the ways love can leave us empty; even when it isn't our intention. The Nigerian songstress recounts how captivating words can easily have you under someone’s spell and love bound.

2. Jordan Rakei’s “Add the Bassline”

Next from our Vibe of the Week chronicles is Add the Bassline by Jordan Rakei. With a jazzy rhythmic foundation, Jordan Rakei builds on it further as he recites instructions on how this masterpiece was born. The song presents listeners an insight into his creative journey with "She" or neo-jazz.

3. LOONY’s “WHiTE LiE”

Toronto born and bred LOONY admits her familiarity with white lies and the truth. By successfully fusing lively earthy beats, electric synths and her soulful tones, “White Lies” oozes a vibrancy no can ignore.

4. Leon Bridges “All About You” featuring Lucky Daye

The duet you never knew you needed - Leon Bridges and Lucky Daye’s latest duet had to be included in our Vibe of the Week catalogue. The two express how their infatuation results in bruised hearts that have been neglected by their lovers. The pair reminds us all that R&B is very much alive.

5. K.ZIA’s “Glow” featuring Noah Slee

A love poem for Black unity and self-acceptance: K.ZIA’s “Glow” carries affirmations and words of encouragement to Black authenticity along with the different shades it possesses.

6. CHIKA’s “High Rises”

Enticing strings, accompanied by a choir of daintiness, assists CHIKA as she proudly boasts about her blessings, despite the world's perception of her. The perfect pick-me-up that reminds Black Girls how magical they are.

7. Kehlani’s “Can I”

An addictive modern classic with alluring visuals to match, Kehlani has outdone herself this time. With the success of her latest project, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, Kehlani’s exploration and contributions to contemporary R&B continues to strengthen her unique style while we thirst for more.

8. VanJess’s “High & Dry”

Our next Vibe of the Week contributors complements one other perfectly. This soul sister duo comes through with another slow, sultry groove leaving us thirsting for more. VanJess's steamy lyricism and nostalgic visualizer perfectly captures their memorizing essence.

9. Scribz Riley’s “East Side”

Scribz pays homage to his humble E3 beginnings; the building blocks to his musical success today. A gifted producer aligned with his skilled songwriting abilities has landed him to work with the likes of Khalid, H.E.R, JHus and Cardi B. The 'living legend's' exciting catalogue showcases the talent that continues to reside here, in the UK.

10. Tems’s “Free Mind”

Tems elegantly expresses the desperate need to release from everyday anxieties through prayer and granted peace. After appearing in Wizkid’s latest project, and the release of her latest EP For Broken Ears, Tems has consistently created waves this year that is sure to guarantee a thriving 2021.

11. KIRBY’s “Superpower” featuring D Smoke

Our final memorable mention from our Vibe of the Week collection comes from KIRBY and D Smoke.The spirit of funk is active and ripe in this self-affirming collaboration. My nose wide as the Red Sea (Red Sea) From the opening line, the pair bask in their Nubian-richness, inviting listeners to do the same as they also recognise their superpower.

To get involved and submit the songs you’re vibing with, keep an eye out on our weekly IG #VibeOfTheWeek story, every Monday! Or, stream our Vibe Of The Week playlist (updated monthly) on Spotify.

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