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Vibe Of The Quarter: 2021 Q2

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Another season has passed, and we have been fortunate enough to be accompanied by some of our new our favourite tracks; curated by you! As we wait for the Summer sun to join us again, let’s reflect on our favourite Instagram Story #VibeOfTheWeek submissions (April-June 2021).

In no particular order, dive into our top picks of 2021 Q2!

1. Mac Ayres’s ‘Smoke’

Melodic, rhythmic strings usher you into a funky groove with this one. Mac Ayres’s ‘Smoke’ is a perfect addition to your collection. Being the first single from his latest project ‘Magic Ball 8’ (2021), it helped set the tone on what to expect from this enchanting soul. Allow yourself to enter this lucid daze.

2. Your Grandparents’ ‘Been Thru’

Your (favourite) Grandparents always come through, and ‘Been Thru’ affirms it. If you want to delve into a world of funky rap and good vibes, then look no further. Enjoy the finer things and allow ‘Your Grandparents’ to assure you how they can make your reality that much sweeter.

3. India Shawn’s ‘NOT TOO DEEP’ featuring 6lack

India Shawn and 6LACK lure us into a realm of love, fantasy, and denial. ‘NOT TOO DEEP’ spotlights the relationships that have us trying our hardest to use our brains and ignore what the heart wants; no matter how good it feels.

4. GAWD’s ‘Waistside’

GAWD: a dynamic duo who perfectly captures the energy of the Divine Feminine, pleasure, and deep desires. Just look at Exhibit A — ‘Waistside’. A trippy soul-rich number that will have you reminiscing vibrant moments of live music that ushered you into the night.

5. Nas’s ‘If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)

A Hip Hop classic. Kurtis Blow’s version (‘If I Ruled the World’) inspired this 1996 single. Nas was one of the first rappers that gave the world a peep of Queensbridge; a significant figure within the genre. Nas continues to be a celebrated contributor to the genre.

6. Zilo & Jake Miliner’s ‘Water Me’

Follow a wave of vulnerability and intimacy with ‘Water Me’. The London-born songstress and producer, Jake Miliner, provides us a blueprint of self-growth with someone who nurtures a safe space of grand risings to emerge.

7. Souly Had & Mac Ayre’s ‘Maybe Not’

Return to mellow bass strings with this silky duet from Souly Had and Mac Ayres . Getting its flowers over the TikTok App, ‘Maybe Not’ was always going to be a vibe.

8. Terrell Morris & Free n Losh ‘Pretty Life’

Coming through, with a snazzy sound of the slick saxophone, sharp stings from the drums and emotive lyrics. Terrell Morris’sPretty Life’ is a refreshing interpretation of the modern Jazz sound. Produced by Free n Losh, wander a space with no structure and be open to the unconventional.

9. Miguel’s ‘So I Lie’

Delve into bouncy, sun-kissed rhythms with Migel’s ‘So I Lie’. Carrying a sweetness and ease a lie can bring as it rolls off of one’s tongue.

10. Nascent’s ‘Straight Forward’

Cooling things down, up next is ‘Straight Forward’. This chilled, laid-back assembly by Nascent embraces the importance of living in the here and now; drinking moments as they pass. Allowing the drums to set the tone, follow its beat and *breathe*.

11. Denzel Curry, Kenny Beat, and Smino’s ‘So Incredible.pkg’

Punchy, powerful lyrics from Denzel Curry with trippy hip hop beats from Kenny Beats can help shift any mood. ‘So. Incredible pkg’ is a ‘matter of fact’ staple track. Flowing at a slower tempo compared to the original track, Smino’s assistance provides us listeners an opportunity to digest the unapologetic Denzel Curry. Get your first introduction to him below if you haven’t come across his music already.

12. Fat Joe’s ‘What’s Luv’ featuring Ja Rule & Ashanti

Another honourable mention: ‘What’s Luv’, a noughties classic that always comes through with a sense of nostalgia from the distinct voices of both the R&B (Ashanti) and Hip Hop scene (Fat Joe and Ja Rule).

13. VanJess’s ‘Curious’ featuring Jimi Tents & Garren

This sisterly duo never disappoints and there’s no exception here. Orchestrating the sound of modern R&B and leaving their mark, ‘Curious’ carries their sultry vocals along with this sensual melody, with the help of Jimi Tents and Garren. Curious comes off of VanJess’s ‘Homegrown’ EP that was released earlier this year.

14. Mac Miller’s ‘Hurt Feelings’

A personal favourite, the late Mac Miller illustrates the strength of self-acceptance and development with this last track. Focusing the conversation on not changing himself, he gives a special mention to those who doubted his success. Produced by J. Cole, ‘Hurt Feelings’ carries cool tones providing it the perfect recipe to sit back and take everything in.

What was your go to song to vibe to last quarter? What are you currently listening to? Let us know via our Instagram Story, and send in your submissions every Monday. Check out our Instagram below!


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