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Time With: Akemi Fox

Carving her own lane within the UK music landscape and fast-becoming one of the country’s most fearless and gifted new artists, Akemi Fox is revered for her irresistible voice, emotive lyrics, nostalgic sound, and unorthodox R&B vibe. The 23-year-old singer and songwriter recently unveiled her brand new single, ‘See You Soon’, as she begins to tease her highly anticipated upcoming sophomore EP.

Tell us a bit about your story: who are you and what has your journey looked like so far? I am a-Kay-me fox, I’m 23 from Manchester. My journey began at 19. I just thought, why not see where I can take this and I have been creating ever since. I’ve always loved music, especially writing; I felt like that was the only thing I was good at. I was quite shy when it came to singing throughout school and never had the confidence to perform in the numerous shows they had.

Who inspires you musically and creatively?

Artists like Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu and Beyoncé. Creatively, I am inspired by fashion quite a lot. What was the creative process behind this single? There’s too much to say really. I was really wanting summer to come around so I could see some of my loved ones and be in the warmth. My single, ‘See You Soon’ could be interpreted as missing your crush or your friends and wanting to meet up or feeling loved up in their company! What’s the best advice you’ve received during your journey? I don’t know if it’s necessarily advice but my Mum always says to me ‘how much fun can you have today?’ It’s a nice way to remember to always have as much fun as you can, even if you’re doing something a little stressful. It’s nice, it reminds me to laugh and appreciate everything a bit more! How do you nurture your creativity? I have to take needed breaks where I switch off and not think about anything… which is hard! I like doing yoga or going to meet my friends and just having a laugh. I think taking a break is important with creativity, otherwise you just run out of ideas and get frustrated.

What do you hope this single will reveal to your listeners? Just that I want them to be happy really. Maybe inspire them to go and text someone that they miss them and love them! I guess life gets stressful sometimes and you forget to make time for people so maybe it makes you wanna see someone you haven’t in a while!

Are there any upcoming shows or projects we can look forward to? I’m working on a project at the moment that I’m very excited about. It's a little different to the last one. Shows, yes more shows of course. I have a few coming up but hopefully working on a headline show at some point in the future. I just want to play you all my new music! Is there any advice you want to give to new artists? Just go for it! I said that to my friend the other day. You just never know what will happen. You will be so happy that you tried! Connect with Akemi Fox Images by Kwame Dapaa


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