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Suté Iwar Releases New Album, 'ULTRALIGHT'

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Today, the Nigerian afro-fusion virtuoso - Suté Iwar released his debut album ‘ULTRALIGHT'. He is known for his genre blending sound that brings together elements of hip-hop, R&B, soul and afro-pop. His new album is a true reflection of this, as well as, his diverse influences and experiences growing up in Lagos, and now moving between Abuja and London.

'ULTRALIGHT' is set under the guise of a fictional Netflix documentary including skits from his loved ones. The 15-track opus, features a star-studded lineup from West Africa and the UK, including WurlD, Tim Lyre, Lex Amor, Kadiata, Raytheboffin, Tay Iwar, Shalom Dubas, Ogranya, Efe Oraka and Twelve XII.

Reflecting on the creative process and how 'ULTRALIGHT' came to be, Suté explains how the album didn’t start to take shape until he made ‘SIGNS’ in September 2021. “So everything else I made going forward had to fit into the world I had created with this song.” He adds, “All the music I make is for me first, it is healing for me and hopefully healing for others too.”

With this ethos in mind, he was inspired to continue to create songs like ‘MEDIDATE’ with the aim of uplifting and encouraging his listeners. “Meditation is a very important practice for me, it has changed my life and I know it has the power to change so many lives. Especially considering the times we’re living in.”

Thinking back to lockdown, Suté spent many hours of solitude improving his craft. “I came out feeling a lot more confident in my talents.” ‘THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE’, which Suté ranked as his favourite song on the album, just showcases the evolution of his sound. “I would describe it as a crystallised version of the afro sound I would like to be making. It is raw and edgy, it is me.” He continues, “It is also a shoutout to my day one fans who know me for my raps.”

Hailing from Lagos, Suté is considered a pioneer in the Soundcloud and Alté music movement. As part of the first generation of Nigerian artists putting music on the platform, he created the Bantu Collective with his brothers and some friends. “I am so glad we came up together. I don’t think we would be where we are today if we didn’t start this way. It is so amazing to see what we created, the Alté movement is more than just music now, it’s fashion too. It’s a whole cultural thing”.

Growing up a musical school kid, Suté is no stranger to the stage. “I have been on stage longer than I have been producing, honestly, it’s where I am most comfortable. I can get shy in the studio but on stage..!” He has performed alongside his brother, Tay Iwar at his show in Oslo, Hackney and was part of PalmWine Music Festival line up. He let us know he is very excited for his first headline show, which will be held at the Grace in London next month.

Make sure to get your tickets for Sute's headline show. Make sure to listen to ‘ULTRALIGHT’ too!


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