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[PREMIERE] respair releases new single, 'Hold Onto Me'

London-based jazz-electronic quartet respair is back with their latest single, 'Hold On to Me'. Drawing influences from myriad genres, including Soul, Jazz, Electronics, Pop, and Classical music, respair has curated an exploratory, free-flowing sound that will leave you enchanted by their warm ensemble.

The vibrant, tight chords of 'Hold On to Me' invite you to catch a vibe and embark on a journey through cold waves of jagged, driving drums and fluid bass line riffs. The song climaxes with towering and scorching keyboard improvisations before offering a quiet moment for reflection in the outro.

Recorded as a live take at London Noatune studios, 'Hold On to Me' captures rich spirit and showcases respair's musicianship of immense power but also delicacy while layering textures and additional vocal lines.

As respair states, "Hold On to Me" is a serene depiction of the human quest for intimacy, belonging, and safety. The song offers an invitation full of compassion - to connect with those most guarded, hidden parts of ourselves, to embrace our need and desire for true closeness, and to listen to our spirits. Through their music, respair reminds us that we, too, can feel seen, heard, and held. So sit back, groove, and take a little trip with us through respair's 'Hold On to Me'.

Photography by Kat Collings


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