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SOUL NOTES #2: Ninja Kidsoul, Immi Dash, Sunny Reyne AND MORE

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

As you flip the page to the second edition of Soul Notes, indulge in the captivating releases from talented artists, Immi Dash, Auryln and Imnothim, Exp., Kota The Friend, Ninja Kidsoul, Lizzie Berchie, and Sunny Reyne.

Tone: Intimate, Feel Good Music, Positive Affirmations

Theme: Celebrating The Love Of His Life, Realities of Expression, Romanticism, The Wonder of Existence

Genre: Alternative House/ Hip-Hop

Setting an intimate tone from the off-set, the 16-track body of work opens with the jazz-infused “Super 8” ft. fellow NYC superstar Wolftyla – a vibrant soundscape that perfectly encapsulates Kota’s warm cadence and Wolftyla’s honey-kissed falsetto gleaming with promise. Harmonising in a field of psychedelia, the two plead their lust to a thrilling love affair and envision beautiful settings if fate can bring their journeys together.

Manoeuvring through mellow interludes that tail heartfelt conversations between Kota and his wife, the breezy summer vibrations quickly resume across “Barcelona”. Gliding atop mellow rhythmics and bright-eyed percussion, Kota delivers an infectious hook while revered South London talent Samm Henshaw flexes his vocal range with typical finesse – a standout collaboration from two creatives bridging the gap across international borders.

Tone: Adept, Distinctive, Playful

Theme: Life, Life-ing

Genre: Neo-Soul/Jazz

Ninja Kidsoul's vibrant neo-soul track 'Face 2 Face' exudes a tone of hope and creativity, even amid the fast-paced nature of modern life. The song playfully delves into existential anxiety, exploring themes of success, failure, and materialism through its thought-provoking lyrics. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Sergio Mendes, agajon's intricate production perfectly complements Ninja Kidsoul's sonic storytelling, pioneering the future of neo-soul with a refreshing and innovative sound for today's generation.

Tone: Nostalgic

Theme: Relationships and Breakups

Genre: Soul, R&B

Across lush strings and a smooth crossover beat, textured with vinyl scratches and R&B jazz flavours - 'Final Scene' describes the moment you end the chapter on an unhealthy romantic situation. Immi is slowly becoming renowned for her confessional style, her delivery is raw and relatable. Immi describes the song as:

“an honest conversation with myself”.

Tone: Warm, Relaxed, Expressive

Theme: Meditation and Healing

Genre: Neo-Soul, Alt-Jazz

A meditative looped bass line is paired with a driving, urgent groove, whilst atmospheric vibraphones decorate the warmth of Sunny's vocal. She tackles the theme of meditation, advocating for letting go of anger and frustration with weaving, blues-tinged vocal lines.

"Find A Way was written very late at night and in one sitting as a form of meditative practice. The repetitive bass line is my way of giving it an almost hypnotic element that leans into the meditative nature of the lyrics, that then reaches a peak at the bridge and then comes back in full force to finish it off."

Tone: Vibrant and Upbeat

Theme: Relationships and Self Discovery

Genre: Hip Hop/Soul

If you need a pick me up song to get you out of a funk, “One Way” is the tune for you. This song is perfect for hip-hop fans who like soulful beats and vibrant raps, following the theme of overcoming difficult relationships in order to grow into one’s best self.

Tone: Reminiscent, Hypnotic

Theme: Healing and Togetherness

Genre: R&B, Drum 'n' Bass

The song is an introspective and heartfelt exploration of the deep bond we have with someone and the longing we feel when they are absent from our lives and the want to heal and rebuild. The track beautifully encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster of missing and yearning for that special connection, whether it be a partner, a friend, or anyone significant in our lives.

Imnothim’s goal was to create a unique and refreshing sound which blends multiple genres but keeps soul at its core.To do this he enlisted the renowned producer duo IMO to enhance the sonic landscape of "Running," adding layering and texture throughout the song and additional real authentic moog basslines.

Tone: Gospel Antidote, Cocoa Wishes

Theme: Hopeful Love

Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul

“I thought the grass was greener but you showed me love is the water that you need to grow”.

'Flaws & All' is a heartwarming testament to the beauty of love, showcasing how it shines through despite our imperfections. It offers a refreshing and optimistic perspective on love in the millennial and Gen-Z era, encouraging us to resist becoming jaded and negative in our approach to relationships.

Speaking on the track’s inspiration, Lizzie said:

“There’s too many situationships out there, but I’m here for real love. This song is about realizing that the love of your life has been beside you all along and having someone love you for who you are. This song definitely echoes the love songs of Minnie Riperton, Anita Baker, Sade and Cleo Sol - poets of love.”


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