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In Conversation With: Kamille

Updated: Jan 19

Kamille returns with an enthralling summer ballad devoted to daydreams of lost love and the need to have its taste once more. 'Muscle Memory', a nostalgic disco fantasy, is the latest offering from Kamille, providing us with a sample of her self-produced project expected to be released this summer. Join us for an exclusive interview that goes beyond the surface as we unearth her incredible collaboration with the legendary Nile Rodgers, her creative process, personal growth, and the essence of womanhood in all its phases; Kamille-defined.

Kamille’s story is a walking manifestation of what is for you is already yours. Becoming discontent with her previous career in finance as a stockbroker, the singer-songwriter was determined to step into a path that nourished her desires and needs. Plunging into the space of incarnation led Kamille to leave the 9 to 5 realm and find herself in countless studio sessions. “I was fortunate I fell into songwriting the way I did,” she told us. “The first song I got a cut from went to number one, and I took that as a sign from God. This was something I should follow.”

“And here I am, ten years in with six number ones, Grammy Awards, BRIT Awards— I’m just so grateful for my career. It’s been incredible.”

Such transitional phases come with complexities in the form of imposter syndrome even with writing credits for hits such as Flo's 'Fly Girl', Little Mix's 'Black Magic', Sia's 'Hey Boy', Headie One's 'Ain't It Different' and many, many more. Openly discussing how it's surfaced in her journey so far, Kamielle isn't shy about admitting how it continues to linger, despite her wins. "I still have it. It doesn't go away, something that lives with me." Despite the internal struggles, Kamille's humility throughout our conversation exemplifies how her success continues to expand.

"The joy I felt from making things that thousands of people, millions of people end up hearing, it was like a bug, and I knew that that was what I wanted to do. Sometimes in life, you'll find such amazing conviction in things, and that's the sign that you'll know this is what you want to do."

"Because no one can tell you anything. It doesn't matter what anyone says to you: not your parents, family, or friends. That is intended to outweigh any impostor syndrome you might have because you'll just know. You'll just know it."

Reflecting on the sound of the upcoming EP (said to be nostalgic, creative and fun), Kamille expresses how it's allowed her to reconnect with the music that shaped her upbringing. In her own words, she shares, "The EP has been a moment for me to kind of really delve into music that I grew up on, and music that my parents loved and just kind of lean into that because of what I knew and I forgot that, you know, that was there all along." Recognising how music has intertwined with her identity, the project is said to echo the sounds that filled her childhood home, specifically 80s Soul. The creative process of the EP was a deeply personal journey as she took on the role of producer and writer, fully immersing herself in the project. She explains, "I was just at home making music completely alone. I learned how to produce over the last few years, and I decided I was just gonna make a whole project completely on my own. I've done it, and I'm really proud of myself."

Our conversation soon progressed to Kamille recognising the similarities rather than differences between writing for others and writing for herself, stating, "I still use the same techniques and apply that to when I'm writing for myself." She emphasises the importance of strong hooks and melodies, saying, "I like to make sure that I've got a really good hook... the melodies are strong." The main distinction lies in her approach: "When I'm working for myself, I'm probably a lot harder on myself... I can take a lot of time to perfect something." While writing for artists can be high-pressure, Kamille enjoys the freedom to explore when creating for herself, admitting, "I get to chill and make lunch and drive and whatever." Her unique creative process is the common thread: "It's just still me creating a bubble of weirdness and hoping something good comes out eventually."

'Muscle Memory' harnesses reminiscent rhythms honouring the disco genre with a modern twist. Revealing a story of heartache and nostalgia while expressing a desire for the return of a past romantic relationship. 'Muscle Memory' captures the yearning for their former partner's return. Expressing a willingness to wait and keep dancing alone until they are reunited. The line "You make my heart beat again like muscle memory" suggests that being with their ex-lover would bring back the familiar feelings and emotions they had before.

Reflecting on the incredible process of creating her new single, Kamille shared, "I was at home, feeling really sick during my first trimester of pregnancy... I just wanted to make music, so I started creating little beats." After sending an idea to her management, she received a positive response, leading to the start of "Muscle Memory." She recalls the unexpected collaboration with Nile Rodgers, saying, "I never dreamed that would happen... I just asked my management, knowing it wouldn't happen, but they still sent it to him." To her surprise, Nile Rodgers was on board, and she found herself in his studio, working on the song she had entirely produced and written. Overwhelmed with emotion, she continued, "I just remember sitting there wanting to cry... I'm so proud of myself."

"The fact that I can say that a song I've produced is on my album while pregnant is just such a touch... I'm blown away."

This month, Kamille welcomed her baby boy into the world, contributing to her artistry and her journey as a woman. With society boxing women into two categories (often mother or maiden), the idea of womanhood can feel limiting and outdated when in actuality, it holds many phases that should be celebrated. Kamille is a musician that is already known for breaking barriers. That has yet to be waived as she embodies a modern perspective of womanhood portrayed by empowerment and embracing personal freedom. In her own words, she states, "I think for me, it's kind of about being, I guess, I'm embracing being a modern woman. And I see that as someone doing whatever else she wants." Rejecting societal expectations and refusing to be constrained by rules and regulations regarding her choices as a pregnant woman (at the time). For her, womanhood is a fluid concept that can be defined individually. She explains, "Womanhood, I think, is anything you define it to be." Standing in her truth and expressing herself through her music is essential for Kamille. She emphasises, "It's just been about standing in my truth. Talking my talk and then talking about it and making music and having fun and what I won just embrace in life". Kamille views this as a beautiful way to commemorate and remember important milestones. Cherishing the freedom to be herself and acknowledging that every woman's version of womanhood may differ, highlighting the importance of individuality and diverse perspectives. In her own words, she affirms, "The idea, I guess, doesn't look the same. Like my version of womanhood is not the same as your version of a woman. I think that's important for a lot of us to remember."

So, what's on the horizon for an unstoppable woman? "We can expect shows, amazing collaborations. I'm really excited about that." Beyond the music, Kamille identifies this new stage as an opportunity to showcase what women can achieve. Acknowledging the significance of the upcoming year in her life, marking the beginning of a new era, she eagerly invites her audience to join her. "I'm really excited to take you all along on the journey with me. My TikTok will probably be showing everyone every step of the way." Embracing her true self and revelling in the joy of being a woman, Kamille celebrated these precious life moments she finds herself in and expressed gratitude for the opportunities ahead. As she concludes, she encapsulates her sentiments by saying, "I'm excited to just be me and enjoy being a woman. I'm really grateful." Kamille's anticipation and commitment to authenticity shine through as she embarks on a new chapter filled with creativity and self-discovery.

Check out Kamille's latest single 'Muscle Memory' below!


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