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Producers To Watch: 2022 TOP 10

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

As much as we appreciate great lyricism in our favourite songs, production sometimes carries the necessary weight that enhances these rhythms to the next level. They provide the opening title sequence to the melodies that will get stuck in our heads. Music production provides the backbone to our playlists and bodies of beloved genres. In no particular order, we’ve created a list of promising music producers currently excelling within their genre.


Delve into a world of “trippy soul” as Intalekt orchestrates sounds that have contributed to the alternative UK music scene. Working with the likes of Kojey Radical, Jacob Banks, and Jay Prince, on his debut self-produced EP ‘IIWII’; the South London musician put forward a sound that reflected his authentic artistry. We can easily detect his signature production while depicting his discography. ‘Starving’ performed by Ayeisha Raquel, showcases Intalekt’s production skills as he constructs a utopia of smooth jazzy rhythms that can put anyone at ease.


Felix Joseph, a talented songwriter and producer whose sound you may have discovered through the likes of Kwabs, Mahalia, Pa Salieu, and Jesse James Solomon. With a versatile, vibrant production catalogue and an incredible pen game, Felix’s success was destined from the beginning of his career. “Regular People” performed Mahalia comprises a wholesome instrumental that carries warmth. You can deeper into his work with his Spotify playlist here.

3. YKKUB Influenced by the nostalgia of 90s R&B and honouring his Nigerian heritage through alternative Afrobeats, YKKUB, the South Eastender, shows the complexities of dual identities in audio form. Creating rich sounds, YKKUB’s production within ‘24/48’ performed by his partner in crime Odeal; highlights his influences while enhancing the Alté genre further.


Blue Beats Lab comprises the dynamic duo NK-OK and MR DM, self proclaimed ‘Jazztronic’ creators. Influenced by jazz, hip hop, soul, funk and R&B, the pair are enhancing the UK jazz scene of greater heights. Their slick, multihued fusion of rhythms shines through in ‘Made Us Better’, performed by Sampa The Great, Boadi, and Lori; a feel good track which will leave you to practice gratitude for the growth you might discover in the hardest of lessons. Enjoy the tug of strings and vibe to this jazzy-gosepful number.


Next up, we have a multifaceted producer, Swindle, the South East native who possesses the Midas touch. Working with D Double E and Ghetts to Greentea Peng and Loyle Carner showcases how myriad Swindle's discography is. Swindle easily sculpts various beats into becoming fusion-filled masterpieces. Tapping into the sounds of jazz, soul, hip hop, and Funky house, Swindle's artistry is an audio sonic experience of the sounds making waves in the UK these last few decades. Check out 'Lost' performed by Loyle Carner and Kojey Radical to get a sample into his elaborate realm.


One thing Seinna is going to do is bring forward thought-inducing rhythms. Paired with lyricism, heavily filled with layered storytelling, Seinna produces soundscapes that carry multiple textures at one given time. 'Bones', performed by Lex Amor and the rapper-producer himself, is a laid-back vibe, chilling addition to your lo-fi playlist.

7. SCIENTIFIC Seinna’s music companion, Scientific, understands the multitudes of layered textures coming together to create a unique sonic experience. Placing patterns of electronic drums with various instrumentations, Scientific lives to his stage name. He openly experiments with his sound creating authentic, celestial melodies. The stroke of the harp carries ‘Presence’ welcoming listeners into an extraordinary fantasy.


The first thing that will capture your attention in ‘When the Moving Stops’ is the bass drums in the production, from the very listen. Being ⅓ of Planet Giza, Doom handles the sound of this jazzy, hip hop trio. Influenced by 90s Hip Hop, Doom provides listeners a sense of familiarity while exposing them to a new pallet. ‘When the Moving Stops’ holds a fresh production style, giving flowers to a genre that is still embraced within modern culture today.


Bina’sK.I.S.S’ carries a simplicity where vocals and strings continue to be an elite combination that knows no wrongs. As Bina “keeps it simple”, the production provokes listeners to take in the lyrics they’ve been presented with; leaving the ‘K.I.S.S’ instrumentals to bless your ears.


Rounding up, we have Pullen, producing a sinful and dark production in 'Call Me Back'. Carrying undertones of drill elements paired with the silky saxophone is a juxtaposition that demands listeners' full attention. KAM-BU and Knucks presence on the track keeps listeners in place further as they harness this feeling of real urgency.

Whose sounds should we be getting lost in, in 2022? Let us know what producers never miss, no matter who they have on their track!


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