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J Hus Curates Reckless Refinement in ‘Big Conspiracy’

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

He wants us to call him the Titan, his business he’s “mindin”. The Gambian artist J Hus, is back with a multifaceted album, Big Conspiracy. Change, love, growth and truths - the London rapper’s second album has more indepth curation and versatility; “Deeper than Rap”.

J Hus’ path has not been faultless, with rumoured flaws, multiple headlines and jail time. Hus is not perfect, and in order for him to write lyrics and be the artist he is now. Inevitably, there had to be a few obstacles on the way; changing and moulding him to where he is now - never claiming to be a teacher but simply a human telling his story. From imperfections, forming new lessons and still learning.

Following the last album Common Sense, with Afrobeat influences, in the era of ‘a change is coming’ in music. 2017- 2019, where no place has better music than another; highlighting good music or good rap can comes from anywhere. J Hus, alongside producers TSB, IO and Jae5 - Big Conspiracy is the best yet with fluid sounds for all moods. The tracks feature clear instrumental input with worldwide versatility. The album has a sense of confidence in freedom, with less opinions, clear introspection & reflection.

Big Conspiracy says ‘let’s clear the air’, the storyteller talks sex, which is nothing new in “Fortune Teller” and “Cucumber”. “Cucumber” plays on many slang terms deriving from the Caribbean. Words are not thrown about recklessly in Big Conspiracy, but rather, placed with accuracy and correctness; essential for an album with impact and album that is more than surface deep.

Hus never chooses one vibe over another in tracks - each feeling to its own, each song in its own element; no boxes. Yet somehow, someway, all tracks fit together. Hus pleas in “Love, Peace and Prosperity’, God, being a cornerstone to his day; a quiet consistent. J Hus is more than aware of his life’s trials and how he’s got around and through them. In Big Conspiracy, he tells us the only way he knows how.

Big Conspiracy, leaps in the right direction; giant strides in the 2020 movement of music, of rap freedom and curation in whatever way you want it. Jazz, bass, acoustic and indigenous elements. Reckless reform.


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