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A Night With Bel Cobain

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Amidst the backdrop of vintage records, the BBE Store played host to a captivating performance by the talented artist, Bel Cobain. Nestled within Arch 376, this creative collaborative space seamlessly blended a bar with a borderless stage. Originally conceived in 2016 as a popup store, this gorgeous space has since become an indispensable fixture in Hackney's musical landscape, a treasure trove of vinyl and CDs, sourced from private collections across the globe, spanning an array of genres; soul, funk, blues, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, and house.

Bel Cobain's performance was a beautiful journey through her repertoire, with each song bearing its unique charm. The evening was seasoned with 'Unlikely,' a song penned in the vibrant landscape of Mexico, 'Pressure to Exist', a soulful rendition that delved into the complexities of existence, and 'Leader', a conscious journey, that instantly turned into a sing-along anthem. Bel was a little surprised when her fans sang back in unison, but she embraced this moment as a testament to the deep connection her music fosters, singing and dancing along with her fans, creating an homey, electric atmosphere in the room.

She shared insights about her journey, transitioning from her Hackney roots to Kent, which brought about a shift in her daily life. Where she once laid out a towel at a nearby park, she now has a designated beach bag for her outdoor escapades in Kent, highlighting the contrast between her past and present.

In the heart of Hackney's musical haven, Bel Cobain's performance was a testament to her unique style. Her comfort on stage was palpable and her flowy, spoken-word approach to singing and lyricism created a sense of calm and introspection in the room.

In preparation for her EP that is dropping later this month, why not get started with her latest release below!


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