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Watch Libianca's 'People' Music Video - Out Now

The long anticipated, viral hit has just come out with stellar visuals. Libianca's 'People' evokes a seasoned, Afro-fused remedy confronting weighted themes of loneliness and isolation during times of need. "People is a song I wrote about seasonal depression and times in your life where you're feeling really low, and you're not okay," she told us. Since its release, 'People' has already accumulated 30 million+ streams on Spotify in the last month alone. This Altè Cruise ballad is just another monumental offering towards Alternative African music's global takeover.

Check on your people. What they may be dealing with internally could be more than meets the eye. Your sense of kindness can break the wall of isolation and the feeling that no one cares…

- Libianca's Message from the 'People' music video

When reflecting on the record's current success, Libianca's gracious attitude stood out. "I was definitely overwhelmed in the beginning. But it's also been a very humbling learning experience so far. I've learnt that for the things we ask God for, we have to be prepared for them. He'll give it to you when He knows you're ready," she revealed. "I had been on my knees praying for years, and I was honestly expecting [to blow up] four years from now."

Describing her sound as versatile, sweet and soulful, Libianca's tones produce rich, honeycomb lullabies that soothe. Falling in love with the voice of a babysitter during her formative years in Cameroon, Libianca was determined to evoke similar emotions with her own voice. "That's how I hear my voice. I feel the soul, and it's just sweet. The way I enjoy myself in the studio, I just think 'it's just so sweet', *laughs* I love my voice".

Disclosing her personal relationships with friends and family makes her soul sing, quickly cementing the reasons behind her empathetic nature. Inspired by the likes of Keyshia Cole, Chronixx, SiR, Dadju, Masego and Rema, it's no doubt that Libianca has the blueprint to remain a rising starlight of this year.

All in all, her glacè silk vocals and soft-centred lyricism unlock Liabianca's ability to connect with vast walks of life around the globe. "If one person can relate to the message of my songs, I'm the happiest girl in the world. The fact that millions of people [do] blows my mind. I feel so blessed to play a part in so many people's healing journeys. That's the whole reason why I make music". With ambitions to continue putting her team on, more singles and an upcoming EP, Libianca's music is just what you need for your self-love and acceptance journey.


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