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Time With: Danelle Sandoval

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

With her latest, most vulnerable single "Cold", Filipino-American artist Danelle Sandoval embarks on a new musical chapter.

She confides, "I’ve always been curious about how relationships can just flip a switch and how intimacy can be so difficult for everyone, when most of us just wanna feel close to each other. I’ve definitely been on both sides of a relationship where I was either the one being cold or my partner was. This song represents the latter."

Tell us a bit about your story: who are you and what has your journey looked like so far?

Danelle Sandoval, artist based in Los Angeles, CA. My journey has looked like a lot of reflection, self-discovery, and growth. Grateful to be where I am and work with those I trust.

Who inspires you musically and creatively?

My friends, collaborators. Honestly just inspired by the every day. I’m also inspired by places that I’ve spent time in (Toronto, NYC) that have sparked my creativity and music.

What is the creative process behind your music?

It was a cathartic process, I felt inspired by a situation I was experiencing, and was in a session with one of the songwriters and the song just happened. I started with the chorus and we just built the song from there.

How do you nurture your creativity?

Try not to overthink too much. Spending a lot of time alone, meditating, and with nature.

What do you hope your music will reveal to your listeners?

That it inspires listeners to embrace who they are and all that they feel.

Are there any upcoming shows or projects we can look forward to?

Live performance video of “Cold” and more music to be released very soon

Is there any advice you want to give to new artists?

Create what you love and enjoy the process of releasing it into the world. You don’t need to prove yourself and you don’t need external validation to prove your worth. You already are worthy. Believe in your art and believe in yourself, and it’ll all work out how it’s supposed to.

Her latest track 'Cold' entices with seductive soul-drenched vocals, mood enhancing R&B landscapes, and intimate reflections of love and loss.

You can listen to "Cold" below!

Photographer credit - stayneutral


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