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That New Jazmine Always Hits Different: Heaux Tales

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

It’s been almost a week since Singer/Songwriter Jazmine Sullivan dropped her brand new EP, Heaux Tales. Even though it’s been out a few days, we know that just like us, you’re still listening to the EP - ON REPEAT! We’re Jazmine fans so we really had to spend some time taking this in. We needed to listen to each track, each interlude, each feature and every single lyric to make sure this came from nowhere else but the heart and the right energies.

There’s just something about Jazmine, not just this EP, but every single release she’s ever shared. She never drops a new track or body of work until it’s ready - she takes her time, she’s thoughtful; intentional with it. Her life experience and raw artistry exudes through every lyric.

She means everything she sings because she’s lived it and for that, we will forever stan and appreciate her! She’s been slowly but surely, giving us pieces of this EP since August, 2020 with Lost One and then Pick Up Your Feelings in November, 2020 — so we knew this was going to be GOOD!

Heaux Tales features some of our all time favourites, namely: Anderson .Paak, Ari Lennox and H.E.R. If you’ve been vibing with us for a while, you’ve probably already seen them on our feed several times! The new EP is filled with timeless, deeply emotive and (most importantly), real and raw tracks/‘heaux tales’ that will always remain on our playlists (mark our words). It represents the truths and experiences of the everyday woman who deserve to be seen and understood and it gives us all the feels. That new Jazmine always hits different!

The EP contributes to the humanisation of the ‘Black Woman’ and her sexuality as a whole. Historically, our bodies have been subjected to violent takes that can be damaging. Jazmine lays everything bare in this project and has provided us with a platform that not only allows us to be seen by the world but recognised and respected.

So, to give you a feel of the EP, we’ve put together a quick list of our top three tracks in no particular order (please don’t make us choose, we can’t!). Let us know what your favourite track on the EP is via our IG comments! *Side effects of this EP may include endless replays, head bops and vibes!



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