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SOUL NOTES #3: Rallen, Ámani, Sirens Of Lesbos, Stacy N.K.R, Ashley Iman AND MORE

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

As you flip the page to the second edition of Soul Notes, indulge in the captivating releases from talented artists, Rallen, Ámani, Sirens of Lesbos, Elemeine

Tone: Psychedelic Groove, Blended Colour Wheel

Theme: Building Bridges, Collective Consciousness, Connected Souls

Genre: Soul Pop, Nu Funk

With their highly anticipated album 'PEACE' set to release this September, Sirens of Lesbos has collaborated with none other than Bootsy Collins to deliver a mesmerizing and otherworldly sonic experience '8 Billion'. The group comprises co-producers and vocalist sisters Jasmina and Nabyla Serag, along with producers Melvyn Buss and Arci Friede, as well as Denise Häberli, the group’s visionary art director. This eclectic blend of talents converges to craft a truly unique musical universe.

The final track of their upcoming project, '8 Billion,' is a window to was is to come next month. Showcasing a diverse array of guest contributors, including the renowned platinum-selling hip-hop producer Christo (known for his work with J. Cole, JID, and EARTHGANG), the enigmatic Brooklyn-based hip-hop collective Flatbush Zombies, and the British-Nigerian poet-turned-singer Joshua Idehen. Immerse yourself in their kaleidoscopically infused soundscape as they headline a London show at the Jazz Cafe on October 20th.

Tone: Expressive, Insightful

Theme: Letting Go, Inner Turmoil, Freedom

Genre: Cinematic R&B

In a much-anticipated collaboration, music artists Rallen and Vinsint have joined forces to deliver their latest single, "Berserk." Produced by Vinsint himself, this captivating track promises to resonate with audiences worldwide while showcasing the artists' talent and creativity.

Drawing inspiration from the restless mind that we all encounter from time to time, "Berserk" serves as an empowering outlet for letting go of pent-up thoughts and emotions. Rallen and Vinsint effortlessly express the human experience of navigating inner turmoil, providing listeners with an opportunity to release and find solace in the music.

Tone: Nostalgic

Theme: Relationships and Breakups

Genre: Soul, R&B

Across lush strings and a smooth crossover beat, textured with vinyl scratches and R&B jazz flavours - 'Final Scene' describes the moment you end the chapter on an unhealthy romantic situation. Immi is slowly becoming renowned for her confessional style, her delivery is raw and relatable. Immi describes the song as:

“an honest conversation with myself”.

Tone: Cautious Uncertainty, Hopeful Acceptance, Defensive Reasoning

Theme: Love, Trust, Skepticism and Vulnerability, Power of Transformation

Genre: R&B/Soul

'Reason' finds Ámani establishing complete trust in her significant other. The lyrics express the her struggle with trusting in love after past difficulties.

Questioning why love was challenging before, she admits her hesitations and self-control whilst acknowledge the worth of the current relationship, willing to let her guard down. The theme revolves around the conflict between past wounds and the desire to open up to a new, promising love.

Tone: Vulnerability, Gentle Untold Truths, A Mother's Warmth

Theme: A Confessional from Anxiety

Genre: Neo Soul, Alternative R&B

Would you mourn a sinner mama?Could you love my demons mama?Would you hold my broken armour And kiss my sharpened heart

- Elemiene's 'Mama' (2023)

Written by Elemiene, Michael Barney and Timmy Manson Jr (let's not forget co-produced with Sampha too), Elemiene's 'Mama' evokes moments of unconditional love after trials of hopelessness. A cradling melody, the lyrics within 'Mama' are reflections of needed comfort. It is a story of someone far from home in need of refuge to help restore the pieces of themselves. Its Beautiful yet heart-pulling words are just enough to keep you in a loop for your daily dose of Sunday rhythms.

Tone: Nostalgic

Theme: Self Love, Being Independent

Genre: R&B

Ashley Iman’s ‘Marseille’ is an IT girl anthem, making it the perfect addition to your getting ready playlist. At just 20 years old, Iman has plans of bringing an old school R&B vibe to the UK scene. Her latest hit is giving us all the 90s/00s vibes, as if it was produced by Pharrell himself.

Tone: Affirmative

Theme: Self Love

Genre: Chill Rap

Bringing us ‘sounds from the South’, Stacy N.K.R’s ‘Feel A Way’ will have your head bopping. The mellow beat is accompanied by braggadocio lyrics, with Stacy ‘talking her ish’. With a delivery as smooth as butter, Stacy lets us know that her pen game is second to none and that she has look to match.


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