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RIMON Reveals Poetic Live Performance

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Eritrea-born, Amsterdam raised, now London based RIMON, shares a beautiful live set; now available to watch on her official YouTube channel. Originally airing during Eurosonic earlier last week, the session not only introduces unreleased music but marks the start of a new era for RIMON both sonically and visually.

Accompanied by a live choir and band, RIMON opens with ‘never learned how to cope’ a harrowingly personal song, taken from her ‘I Shine, U Shine’ EP. Still to this day, arguably one of the most personal tracks she has ever written, this performance acts as the end of an era for her.

Following this, we witness an incredible transition from one song to another, introducing ‘Feed Me’, where we experience a total shift musically, visually and creatively.

‘Feed Me’ is part of RIMON’s new project which revolves around the difficult dynamic between humans and technology, with a particular focus on our relationship with social media and phones. This new beginning is also marked with a move to London in the search for new challenges and new adventures. For this live performance, RIMON once again collaborated with Belgian duo Bleu Nuit who she also worked with on her short film ‘What They Called Me’. Shot in Brussels, the performance features the iconic Pavillion des Passions Humains - a monument originally designed and built in the 1800s. The show was originally premiered during the Eurosonic festival on January 15th 2021, during which RIMON was also awarded a prestigious Music Moves Europe Award. Keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming EP ‘Digital Tears’, which is scheduled for release in the next few months.


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