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Rasharn Powell: New Single ‘Freedom’ Live Rendition

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


London based musician Rasharn Powell dropped an immersive, smooth live rendition of his new single, ‘Freedom’ on the 20th of January! Independently released in December, ‘Freedom’ explores the notion of Rasharn’s liberation by living in each moment & convincing others to do so, too. This intimate declaration in song has the ability to transport you out of this world, with its bossa nova groove and infectious energy.

“Last year taught me a lot and forced me inwards. I rediscovered the youthful freedom we too often lose in adolescence. I’m comfortable in the chaos and I guess that’s my new freedom.” Rasharn’s musical journey started young when his grandad introduced him to dancehall and dubplates. In later years he got lost in literature, he discovered poetry before songwriting and now draws inspiration from the likes of James Baldwin, Marlo Morgan as well as Bon Iver and Andre 3000.

It’s no secret that Rasharn’s growing presence throughout 2020 didn’t go unnoticed, after gaining much-deserved recognition following the release of his highly regarded singles ‘Joyride’, ‘Smithereens’ and ‘Twelvemonth’. This live performance acts as the perfect start to the year, with Rasharn preparing to drop his anticipated full-length debut, very soon.

So, if this doesn’t give you clear reason as to why you need Rasharn on your radar, here’s a reminder that he featured (alongside 29 other artists) in our hand-picked 2021 Top 30 list. Read the full article here and vibe with our Top 30 Hit List (playlist) on Spotify and Apple Music! Connect with Rasharn Powell on socials to stay up to date with new releases and music - Thank us later!


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