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[PREMIERE] Quinn Outlon releases new single 'Far Away'

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Quinn Oulton returns with a haunting, velvety new track lifted from his forthcoming album ‘Alexithymia’ via DeepMatter Records. In ‘Far Away’, the South London multi-instrumentalist confronts arising anxieties that surface when encountering an unexpected shift.

“Far Away is all about fearing change and shying away from the unknown,” Oulton says.

“I’m reaching for a sound that I’ve wanted to explore for a long time but have lacked the conviction to do so. Stepping into this unfamiliar territory goes hand in hand with what I was writing about - which is something I’m only just noticing long after finishing the song”.

Oulton’s latest single is a glimpse of organic textures nurtured with technical rhythms creating a unique sound as he crafts a steady path for himself.

On May 27th, experience Quinn Oulton’s blend of traditional jazz aligned with electro soundscapes. Get your tickets at Servant Jazz Quarters NOW! Stream the new track and watch the brand new music video below:


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