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Nicola Gaea Releases 'Blue Skies' Visualiser

Shot by Adiam Yemane

Nicola Gaea makes a stunning comeback with the release of her latest visualiser for 'Blue Skies'. Its ethereal essence showcases a beautiful montage of nature's wonders, with calming blue hues as Gaea's hypnotic vocals add to its serene atmosphere.

Since the release of 'Fly', Gaea has meticulously crafted worlds of introspection, reflecting the ongoing evolution of life's teachings. 'Blue Skies', her latest offering, is no exception to this pattern. Her vocals carry a delicacy as it gracefully dances alongside the gentle plucks of keys and strings in a stripped-back soundscape that mirrors the beauty of life's simple pleasures.

Produced by WE ARE SOUL and Directed by Nwaka Okparaeke, a renowned visual artist distinguished for her ability to curate dream-like, celestial landscapes. The pair honour the inner child's spirit throughout, as a sense of playful freedom is ignited by exploring vivid colours and delicate touches of petals. This joyful approach embraces a childlike wonder, inviting carefree playfulness to blossom.

Watch the brand-new visualiser below and get lost in Nicola Gaea's world...


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