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New Wave's 'XSCAPE', LIVE @ The Jazz Cafe

Introducing XScape, New Wave’s brand new anticipating live experience celebrating the chromatic sounds of UK Music. Join us for an incredible showcase featuring the likes of Solomon, Kali Claire and Vinch at the renowned Jazz Cafe in Camden on the 27th of July, 2023. Get Tickets HERE!

So, who is this for?

Built off of New Wave's ethos of supporting and celebrating the talents enriching our music landscape, this is for music lovers from all walks of life with an ear for fusion genres. Ensuring to provide a one-of-a-kind affair where live instruments assist vocal arrangements, expect to be left spellbound as XScape beckons forward unorthodox yet alluring rhythms produced by no other New Wav. SOUND.

Ride the wave where soaring strings and pulsating drums drive each performance, promising an escape of musical discovery.

Taking centre stage:

Solomon, owner of his heartfelt vocals and charm, will grace the XScape stage with his unique blend of R&B, gospel, and jazz influences. His poignant lyrics and; heartfelt delivery ensure Solomon will leave an indelible mark on all who hear him perform.

Kali Claire will leave you mesmerised with her enchanting vocals and seminal sound. Blending R&B, pop, and electronic elements, Kali Claire is bound to create an engaging atmosphere with great intimacy.

Vinch, a rising star, is known for his exuberance and infectious beats on the XScape stage. Possessing compelling lyricism and unique style, Vinch seamlessly integrates the gaps between hip-hop and grime, captivating crowds with his raw talent.

When manifesting XScape’s lineup, the New Wave team considered several non-negotiables to guarantee “a diverse and exceptional showcase of talent.”

“It was essential for the lineup to feature artists who are still on their upward trajectory,” the New Wave Team informed us. “We aimed to present a wide range of musical genres to cater to a diverse audience. By featuring artists like Solomon with his soulful R&B, Kali Claire with her genre-blending sound, and Vinch with his hip-hop and indie trap/rock influences.”

“Each selected artist had to demonstrate exceptional talent and a captivating stage presence.”

XScape will take place at the iconic Jazz Cafe, the warm and intimate musical house where live music lives within its walls. The heart of Camden, the Jazz Cafe will continue to accommodate the gifted. Tickets are now live and available to purchase here on the Jazz Cafe’s website. Tickets are due to sell out.

Don’t be the one that misses out!


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