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Lord Solomon Releases New EP, 'Baptize Me Everywhere'

Chicago hailed singwriter (a songwriter who can sing), Lord Solomon, breathes life back into the genre of the late 90's Neo-soul era. He infuses Neo-Soul, Gospel Quartet, 90's Hip-Hop Jazz, 70's Ballads and modern beats to create a time portal of eclectic yet familiar vibes. This repertoire of timeless soul and R&B soundscape is consistent across all tracks.

The lead-off single “My Strength is gone" is one of the most transparent works of art that identifies the depleting effects of unrequited and deceptive love.

“I was in a relationship that drained me. I was in love with someone who was using me as an emotional epidural to get over somebody they was in love, who was using them to get over somebody that they was in love with. "

Underpinning the composition of track three, the EP's title track 'Baptize Me Everywhere' (interlude), is an intriguing juxtaposition of gospel instrumentation and Lord Solomon's reflection of a sexual encounter. The gospel influence in his vocal placements is a distinct demonstration of his seasoned musical abilities.

In addition to his hearty and expressive voice, the EP is fashioned with other unique displays of artistry. Track 5 'There's a Light (interlude)', houses a creative interpretation of the audible structure of light.

'A Love The World Couldn't Give', 'Familiar Energy' and 'Sittin Around' ooze true R&B craftsmanship. The traditional layering of vocals in track four and the simplicity of his lyrics in track two and six are signs of expertly produced R&B singles.

Praised for his incredible songwriting abilities by super producers Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, Tank, Rico Love and DJ Camper, the mixture of familiarity and novelty makes up the work of Lord Solomon's debut EP. You can listen to the full EP release below!

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