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However, experimenting and developing during the pandemic, she rediscovered her passion and now refuses to settle. She said “in the pandemic my resources shrunk and I was left to find myself with just my voice and a guitar. I hadn’t really nurtured my relationship with the instrument in previous years because there was always someone around who could play better than me. For the first time since I started writing music at 16 I actually had the luxury of time to explore on my own and found that what I needed and where I thrived was in a more organic and subtle environment."

She made it clear to us that her music is truly authentic to her. “My music is a reflection of myself and my own psyche and healing and if people see their journeys in it as well that is a blessing. I don't make this music for anyone besides me." She refuses to succumb to the pressures of the music industry and the racialised R&B standard many black artists feel they are prescribed to. Inspired by elements of rock, late 70s soul and gospel, Annahstasia describes her main genre as ‘folk, a genre rooted in essentials, there’s no fluff, there’s just the expression of your life experiences in your standing and the world and your cultural viewpoint.’

Her ‘no-frills’ way of making music has granted her a lot of opportunities, including a COLORS performance and a collaboration with singer Raveena who features on Revival’s lead single ‘While You Were Sleeping’. As well as being an opening act for Lenny Kravitz on his ‘Raise Vibrations’ European tour in 2019 and she will be performing as part of a stellar line up, at the Cross the Tracks Festival this summer.

When we asked her how she was feeling about it all, she said “I'm really excited! This will be my first festival gig ever. I’m honoured that it's this one. The line up is super strong and I look forward to enjoying it as an audience member as well.”

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