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“Since I’ve been in New York, music wise, I feel most comfortable here, lowkey. Everyone I know is doing their own thing. I can pull up to my friends’ house and nobody else is there. It’s just them and I love that”.

​“In LA, 9/10, if you pull up to somebody’s else house to work on some music there’s gonna be someone else there. There will be sessions with like six to 8 or 10 people. I can’t work like that. Sometimes, it’s a lot of egos in one room. Here in New York, it’s calm. I also appreciate that people aren’t focused solely on music here — they do other things as well.  That’s why I came to New York, for other opportunities”.

​Now residing in New York, until further notice, Flwr Chyld continues to make the conscious effort to tag his hometown in his Instagram posts. “I want people to know that [Atlanta] is where I’m from. This is where this sound is coming from. This sound isn’t coming out of New York. This is where I live but Atlanta is home. A lot of the people there have influenced my sound”. 

Being the product of his surroundings, it’s apparent that Atlanta is the blueprint behind Flwr Chyld’s sound. Charmed by the chimes of OutKast, SOS Band, Organised Noize, Metro Boomin and Mike WiLL Made-It, all of which left an everlasting importance on the young music maker. “If you listen to something so much and you grow up to it, it’s going to impact you. I grew up listening to a lot of Atlanta Hip Hop music. I’ve seen how it's evolved over time. For me, it was already part of my sound. For instance, in my song, ‘Lucky Me’, there aren’t trap elements in that but it’s the feeling. It’s a funky feeling — it’s a vibe.” 

“I would say my experience with friends [also] influences my work. My friends are like family. Any time we get together, it’s a great time. There are laughs, we go out, drink and have good food. I think about those moments in my music.”