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1. Who is Elli Ingram?
"She's a bitch," her mum quips, and Elli bursts into laughter with her, relaying a close relationship with her mother who is also touring with her. Amidst the laughter, Elli shared insights into her multifaceted life. "I'm a singer, a songwriter, and, you know, a cafe worker," she says with a giggle. With excitement bubbling beneath her "I'm about to play my biggest show of my career so far".

2. In the midst of your nationwide tour, what's essential to prep for each show?
Giving myself time to unwind is crucial. Once soundcheck wraps up, my routine kicks in. I head to the dressing room to relax. And, you know, girl time! My band and I create this super chill atmosphere. The band usually has music playing softly in the background (cue in the band's singing of R&B classics - it's like a blend of soothing melodies while everyone's munching on pre-tour snacks). I do vocal warmups and drink some tea.

3. Best advice you've ever received?
Honestly, I don't think anyone's given me the ultimate advice but I have been pushing myself to truly absorb everything. As artists and creatives, the goalposts are often shifting. If I could tell my younger self that I'd be at this venue, I'd literally be off my chair! Now that I'm here, I need to make sure I absorb it. It's a constant struggle because, you know, we're always reaching for the next big thing.

4. What is the message behind ‘Bad Behaviour’ and what does it mean to you?
When I was writing the album, people in my life were letting me down. So, I took a deep dive into people’s behaviour. I started penning down my observations, giving birth to tracks like ‘Selfish’ and ‘Bad Behaviour’. The entire album revolves around how people's actions have impacted my life.

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